Spa dēhp© Experience

Our Phoenix, Arizona spa resort, Alvadora Spa, presents the exclusive new enrichment experience Spa dēhp, a wellness therapy tailored to unlock your body's unique intelligence process, integrating your stored experiences, promoting a sense of well-being and assisting you in new personal growth and development.

The word dēhp (pronounced "deep") is an acronym for Developed Expression of Human Potential. Spa dēhp is an intense, however, non-invasive day spa session that unlocks emotions and unblocks the creative flow.

During the dēhp process you derive insight, development, and utilize the body's wisdom to unlock its potential. This integrative spa session takes you on a journey of imagery, process and deep insight.

Founder Josette Sullins

Josette Sullins is the creator and author of the dēhp program which has been featured on local, national and international media. Sullins has dedicated her career and life to educating and empowering people through the dēhp enrichment experience as an effective tool for insight, healing, and optimum performance. Sullins is also the co-author of The Alignment Theory with Ellen Bishop, a guide to understanding the physical systems of the body and the different levels of development that the dēhp process works to integrate.

Experience dēhp Today

Alvadora Spa invites you all to discover our Spa dēhp Enrichment Experience this season. Contact a specialist at 602-977-6400 to learn more about Spa dēhp.

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